she had not eaten in seven days!


I don’t know what it is like to not be able to eat for seven days. In America we have food stamps. Or, at worst, soup lines. You can get food somewhere.
But not for the poor in Kenyan slums. They have nothing and simply go without anything. And no one is helping them.
Praise God for people like you who continue to give to Project 97 to feed precious ladies like this one. Thank you!
“Project 97 has touched lives where big NGOs have never touched and never thought of.”
Bishop Samuel Gatheru
The above quote is from Bishop Samuel Gatheru in Nairobi. He is referencing the Red Cross. Apparently they don’t work in the slums where he lives. Hence, Project 97 is touching people no one else is even thinking about–not even their government.
You are allowing Project 97 to touch people who think God has forgotten them.
Thanks to those who have generously given. We are up a bit in the account, but our funds are still low and the needs of the nations are still great.

Please pray that God restocks our funds tremendously.

Thank you for keeping up with these efforts. One of our supporters wrote: “I just wanted to tell you I have been very impressed by your ministry. I love the grassroots style and how you actually know many of the people you’re partnering with personally. THIS is how the church is supposed to work. Keep up the good and hard work and don’t get distracted.”
If you know of anyone else looking to give, please forward them this email or send them to our website!

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