Indians wait for christians daily!


Project 97 continues to make God famous in India.
This man above is helping Project 97 in India. It is less than 3 minutes in length so I really encourage you to watch it. It tells you of the plight some of the Indians are facing that we are ministering to.
Note how amazed they are at Christians feeding them.

Solar Powered Bibles For India

As Pastor Binod ministers among the poorest of the poor in India (the “Untouchables”), he is finding people who are illiterate and blind but who want God’s word. (This is the couple to the left.)

He has asked if we could help raise up $$2,300 to help purchase 100 solar powered Bibles. (If you’ll recall, he had thought that it might have been $2 per Bible. How he is realizing that it is $23 a piece. Oops. 🙂

If you want to help with this, please send money with an attached note that tells us what it is for. You can even do this in the “notes” when giving on line.

The Lock-Down In India Is Prolonged Until June 30th.

Since the virus has not plateaued yet in India, the Prime Minister is extending the curfew until June 30th.
This means that people who were stuck in the middle of traveling are going to be stuck for another month (or more.) They, and day laborers, have nothing to eat. What our friend is giving to them is the only meal they get at all.
There are more stories.

“Thank you for helping make Project 97 a success.”

We are a global community and we can help others around the world. There’s no better time to give than now. “Hunger is a reality because we don’t share with one another.”
Please pray about helping Indians survive through this month.

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