we’re still going: our funds are running low!


What’s it like to have no hope?
I’ve been a Christian for so long, I really don’t know what that is like. But those that we are ministering to DO KNOW what it is like to not have any hope.
Project 97 continue to minister to those in this situation. Listen to the three videos, each about two minute long. Hear how God is making Himself famous through your giving and Project 97.
But please keep praying for Project 97. Our funds are running low.

Why I Believe Project 97 Is The Best Way To Give. “The Best Bang for the Buck!”

When it comes to relief development, there are many groups you can give to. You can give to large groups, like the Red Cross, all the way down to “Ma and Pa” organizations.
But you need to be careful, because they all take away percentages to cover their overhead. Some groups give as little as 4% to the actual cause. (That’s terrible.) Large well known groups can give around 62% to the relief effort. But 38% goes to their own overhead.
At UnveilinGLORY (Project 97), we give up to 95% of our income to those in need. This is why we believe we are one of the best groups to partner with! We believe we’re you’re best “Bang for the Buck.”
Please watch our six minute video below telling you why!
If you know of anyone else looking to give, please forward them this video or send them to our website! https://unveilinglory.com/humanitarian-work/

“Our Funds Are Dwindling Down.

Please Pray For Us!”

We are a global community and we can help others around the world. There’s no better time to give than now. Our contacts in Kenya are going to be targeting nursing mothers and widows as well as others in dire need. Please pray we will have the funds we need to make this happen.

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